Signy Kráka is a story of völva magic and survival in Viking-Age Scandinavia

Signy Kráka - Part One (cover image)
Signy Kráka - Part Two (cover image)
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"I just read all three parts of the novel, and they were enthralling. Kerr brought me right into the story and I couldn't stop until I finished all three books. I hope there will be a part 4! I think there is more to Signy's story left to be told."



The Norns know you better than you know yourself !

A girl with mystical dreams finds herself ripped from the life she knows. Now all she wants is to find a way home - or so she thinks. The Norns (the goddesses of fate in Norse mythology) know better. They want her to stop hiding her own strength. And they use every choice she makes to bring her closer to knowing herself.

A story of völva magic, fortitude, friends and foes, survival and betrayal, Signy Kráka is historical fiction with a twist of Norse mysticism and will also appeal to fantasy fans.

The novel is told in three parts and is also the first in a series.

Written with attention to historical detail and sweeping imagination, this atmospheric story transports the reader into the culture and beliefs of Viking-Age Scandinavia.

Other readers said:

"Great storytelling!"
"Very vivid and realistic."
"Wonderful. I loved every chapter."
"Your story is one of my favorites."
"I can't wait to see what happens next!!"


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