Signy Kráka – Part Two

“The next part of a very well written saga that cost me another night because it captured my heart so much that I drank more coffee and had to read on... Signy feels like a sister by now.” ~ Graureiher

Part Two: Signy’s saga continues
A freedom sought. A fear seeded. A fate steered.

In her new life in Birka, Signy finds that not everyone is how she thought they were. Her search for freedom and a way home goes on, but the Norns want more from her. They use every choice she makes to bring her closer to knowing her true strength. Harsh lessons await her. At the gathering of the Thing in Uppsala, Signy has more than one strange experience, and horror both haunts and hunts her.

In Viking Scandinavia in the ninth century, life is a matter of both fate and will. The gods smile on the brave, but the world holds plenty to fear. Heroes choose to be bold, and this is the story of a heroine.

“A story that keeps you coming back for more.” ~ zyffyr

“I have nothing but praise for this book. I have finished all three in less than a day. You can feel the world of the story in every page.” ~ Miranda M.

“ I loved how the history and belief system was woven into these books and learned quite a bit by reading this book.” ~ M.Hodgin

“These books walk the tight rope of historical reality and magical story telling, while making it look easy. The storyline grabs you from the beginning and keeps you wanting to know more. The author’s understanding of the period and gift for words submerges you in a realistic picture of the pre-christian viking world that leaves you with all the sights, sounds and smells even after the last word is read.” ~ naomi

If you like the mystical world of the Vikings, you will enjoy this read.

Signy Kráka is a story of völva magic, fortitude, friends and foes, survival and betrayal. Historical fiction suffused with Norse mysticism.

Written with attention to historical detail and sweeping imagination, this atmospheric story will also appeal to fantasy fans.

Dive into a deep and different world
Let the saga of Signy Kráka whisk you away to pagan Scandinavia

Told in three parts like an original trilogy

(Each cheaper than coffee)