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I will never misuse your information by selling it, renting it, or using any other nefarious means. Your privacy is as important to me as my own.

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Amazon Affiliates

When you click a link on this site and it takes you to Amazon, I am using an affiliate link. This is a link that allows Amazon to pay me a small commission (about 4-8%) on the items you purchase on Amazon. I do not work for Amazon, nor do they approve or have any affiliation with the content here. They are merely rewarding me for driving traffic to their site.

Affiliate monies earned do not affect your price or cost on Amazon, it’s paid entirely by Amazon from what’s already purchased.

Facebook Pixel

My site includes use of the Facebook pixel which can be used to serve you ads on your social media based on your browsing behavior. Facebook’s pixel also helps me be better about any advertising I send out to make sure it only goes to people who are interested in what I have to offer. Neither Facebook, nor I, want to spam anyone, of course. Again, like other tracking software, I never get individual information or data, just group data to see trends.

Also, though I use Facebook’s ad services, I am not an employee of Facebook nor do I have any affiliation with their company. They also have no affiliation with the content on this site.

If you want to opt out of Facebook ads, see the links in the next section and manage the companies you receive advertising from.

Personally, I have not opted out of anything because I appreciate how ads help fund free content online, and I prefer seeing relevant ads, so I allow tracking of my interests. But you may feel differently.

Cookie Management

To find out more on how to manage and delete cookies, visit aboutcookies.org. For more details on your choices regarding use of your web browsing activity for interest-based advertising visit youronlinechoices.eu (EU based) or youradchoices.com (US based). On a mobile device, you may also be able to adjust your settings to limit ad tracking.

You can opt out of Google Analytics by installing Google’s opt-out browser add-on.