About Reviews

Crow with cocked head says "Looking for more reviews"

I thank you for considering writing a review of my book.

It does not have to be long. We’re not talking school work, here.

Even just a few words can help a new reader looking for their next read.

If you would post a review with the retailer where you purchased the book and perhaps even copy-paste it to Goodreads if you are a user, you will make this author and future readers very happy.

Not used to writing reviews?

Maybe this will help or provide inspiration. These are my personal preferences as a user of book reviews:
  • Avoid spoilers and plot summaries. Most other readers like to be allowed to discover the story for themselves.
  • Share what you liked or disliked without spoiling (see above). It might be the style of writing or how the story made you feel. What did reading the story/book give you? Or something along those lines.
  • Explain your rating. Maybe what you penalised is not a big deal for someone else, or maybe they would feel even more strongly about it and not buy the book at all. It is helpful to know the reasoning behind a rating.
What have you found there?

Your review can guide and lead others to interesting spots along their way.

Thank you!